London, Jan 2020

So I got this work experience kid for the last hour of his two-day adventure and in between taking photos of bird shit taught him about life: try to get into university, universities are much more fun than work experience, especially in the office, you will get more life education studying. Oh, I so look forward for you! Also, try to get into exchange, spend half a year, or better a year in Spain or elsewhere! That’s gonna be real education, better than spend eight hours in front of PC. Was nice to meet you and good luck with everything and if I see you again, say hello. 

Thanks God we parted then, cause I was about to add: And remember, girls like #badboys. 

By Marija Djačenko

Rašau. Kartais. Retai. Visada apie tai, kas man rūpi, dažniausiai - apie tai, ko nesuprantu. Ir tik įkvėpta mūzos. Tie, kurie sako, kad mūzos laukti – neverta, rašo už pinigus. O, tai jau – darbas.